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Wooden Hut
A glimmer of hope performed by Louise Devenish and Anna McMichael

A glimmer of hope is a spectral piece for violin and bell plates written in slow rondo form. The piece blends the various timbres of the violin with the unusual tone colours of Devenish's custom bell plates. The piece was written for Climate Notes which is a multimedia installation and performance work by Anna McMichael and Louise Devenish. It builds on the Is This How You Feel collections of handwritten letters by leading international science researchers (including McMichael’s late father), and plant archives from the State Botanical Collection of Victoria. Climate Notes features six new musical works by Australian composers exploring the emotional impacts of climate change, and propels us to consider what it feels like to live through a time when climate change affects every aspect of our lives. The premiere of this concert has been delayed due to covid-19 and is now scheduled for mid-2022.

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