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Cristal Baschet style instrument specifications

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Thank you everyone for your patience waiting for this post. A number of people have been asking about the specific measurements of my electrict cristals in order to have some kind of starting point for tuning their own cristal baschets style instruments. My instruments have been on loan to a fellow Australian composer so it has taken some time for me to get them back and make exact measurements that will hopefully be of use to people wishing to build their own cristal baschet style instruments. The table below hopefully contains enough information to act as something of a starting point for those curious about making their own instrument.

Length of the rod in the tables above refers to the length of the threaded bolt. The glass rods I used for my instruments are all roughly 20cm long and have an 8mm diameter.

For now I have only taken the measurements of electric cristal two, in the hope that this will be sufficient for many of you. If there is high demand for it, I will take detailed measurements of electric cristal one also. Some other points to note that may be of use are as follows:

- The threaded bolts that sing and have the glass rod attached are M6 size.

- The supporting threaded bolts are M8 size.

- The space between the threaded bolts is 3.5cm (from the centre point of the M6 bolt to the centre of the M8 bolt).

- The spacing between the M6 bolts is 3.2cm (from centre to centre).

I should mention at this point that my instruments are not tuned to 12-TET, they are tuned to a 31-limit just intonation system containing thirty pitches to the octave. So for those of you wishing to make an equally tempered instrument, some adjustment will be necessary.

Finally, the specifications of your instrument can be whatever you want them to be. I hope you find this information useful when making your own instrument.

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